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Efficient route planning with Fleetdata’s expert fleet management software

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Route Planning

Our route planning solution is designed to optimise your logistics process, improve your service quality, and reduce your logistics costs.

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Detailed Optimisation Routes Matched to Your Fleet

Our algorithm plans routes based on the specific details of your fleet, including vehicle size, cargo weight, and load capacity. This ensures that you can make the most of your fleet while minimising costs.

Navigation Updates

Real-time traffic updates and delivery estimates provide you with valuable information that can help you stay ahead of the game.

Fleet Settings

Our calculations take into account the specifics of your fleet to avoid toll roads, unpaved roads, ferries, and highways, ensuring a smooth and efficient route.

Powered by Industry-Leading Technology

Our route planning software uses the most robust industry standard algorithm and maps solution available, ensuring that you can rely on us to get the job done.

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Sequencing To Achieve Improved Delivery Results

Our sequencing algorithm optimises multiple delivery points and vehicles based on load capacity, priority, costs, and delivery terms. This ensures that you can make the most of your fleet while ensuring that deliveries are made on time and in the most efficient way possible.

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Route Updates

Planned routes can be sent directly to your drivers’ Fleetdata mobile app and opened using any standard navigation app. You can also add comments and attachments to the route, ensuring that your drivers have all the information they need to make deliveries efficiently.


Fleetdata offers API integrations that enable you to automate your route planning process by integrating your IT system with Fleetdata. Take advantage of the integration options with your company’s systems to ensure an automatic exchange of new orders, documents, and all other important fleet related data.

Order Databases

Create a client and order list in the Fleetdata system or import it from your IT systems using our API integrations. Assign orders and cargos to specific clients within seconds, keeping everything organised and ensuring that your drivers can quickly and efficiently make their deliveries as per the routes which are updated live.

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