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Vehicle Side Camera

Increase safety

If you want to safeguard your drivers and increase their safety while reducing claims, Fleet DATA’s Camera Solutions can help. We install bespoke camera systems to all types of vehicles; Cars, Vans, Trucks & Buses. Our cameras can help identify risky behaviour and be an invaluable witness in the event of an accident. With our service, you can have full control over the camera configuration. Whether it is a live streaming camera solution or a storage based system we have the perfect solution to fit you needs.

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Great Features

Coach Your Drivers Better to Increase Safety

Video recordings provide objective evidence of what happens in a collision, protecting drivers against false or incorrect claims.

Coach Your Drivers Better to Increase Safety

With Fleetdata Video, you can coach your drivers more effectively to increase their safety on the road.

Enhance Fleet Efficiency

By preventing accidents and reducing claims, you can save time and money, enhancing the efficiency of your fleet.

Gain Full Visibility into Critical Events

Our HD dashcam video footage is displayed alongside driving data from your fleet, giving you deeper insight into critical events on the road.

Prevent Accidents and Reduce Claims Frequency

Our AI-powered dash cam detects risky driving behaviour and alerts drivers, helping to prevent accidents and reduce claims frequency.

Lower Insurance Premiums and the Cost of Claims

Insurance companies often give discounts on premiums if companies have fleet dash cameras installed in their vehicles, and video footage can help fleets and insurers decide whether to contest or settle a claim.

Fleet Camera Key Features

Get the Full Context

Our HD dashcam video footage is displayed alongside driving data from your fleet like GPS location, driver, and speed, providing clear insight into critical events on the road.

Intelligent Cab Fleet Feedback

Our AI-powered dash cam identifies certain risky driving habits and alerts drivers with visual and audio notifications, enabling them to take timely action to correct their course and avoid danger.

Automatic Event Uploads

Driving events, AI events, and alert button events are retrieved and uploaded automatically from the device and displayed in Fleetdata system app.

On-Demand Data Retrieval

You can request dash camera video from historic trips to review footage, helping you verify or disprove complaints from customers or members of the public.

Live Fleet Streaming

Instantly view live video from either the road or driver-facing dash cameras in your fleet to support your drivers in difficult situations.

Privacy by Design Technology

You take full control over configuration, including the behaviour of the driver-facing camera, video retention period, and your dedicated access rights in Fleetdata system, ensuring privacy needs are met.

Advanced Camera Services With Many Choices

Our Fleetdata cameras come in a premium dash camera format designed especially for fleets, supported by three levels of Fleetdata Video service subscriptions. Choose the right solution for your specific business needs.

HD Quality Camera with Night Vision

Our camera features built-in infrared LEDs for driver-facing night vision recording, providing clear footage even in low-light conditions.

Robust Storage Solutions

A commercial grade 128GB SD card provides up to 100 hours of driving time video, ensuring you have ample space to record critical events.

Multi-Camera Support Option

You can connect up to four additional cameras wirelessly to get a complete view of your fleet.

AI Support Aiding Drivers

Artificial intelligence event capture technology is built into the device, enabling you to identify risky driving behaviour more effectively.

Tamper Alert Alerts

A backup battery protects against power loss and notifies you when the camera is disconnected from power.

Detachable Mount Available

The mount can be removed from the windshield for security or to comply with legislation.

Fleet Dash Cameras

A fleet dash camera, also known as a fleet dashboard camera, is a camera that can be installed inside a vehicle to record events that occur while it is on the road. These cameras can face both the road and the driver.

Consumer dash cameras are designed for individuals and are low-cost. Due to limited features, they are not appropriate for fleet use.

Commercial fleet dash cameras are designed for professional use and are robust. They are better suited for fleets because they are:

  • GDPR compliant
  • Automatically download relevant footage
  • Remotely accessible for live view and configuration
  • Support additional cameras
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Equipped with commercial-grade SD cards
  • Use AI technology to prevent incidents
  • Hardwired for professional installation

A fleet dash camera starts recording when the vehicle is powered on and in motion.

Dash cameras facing the road can provide clear evidence of incidents that occur on the road and around the vehicle. Some driver-facing fleet dash cameras use AI technology to detect risky driving behaviours, such as distracted driving, mobile phone use, eating, drinking, and not looking at the road. They can alert the driver and signal them to correct their driving, thus helping prevent accidents.

Dash camera recordings are integrated with a fleet management solution, which uses data like time, location, and speed to help companies determine the cause of incidents on the road and protect drivers against false claims.

Video Evidence
Video recordings can serve as an objective witness when incidents occur on the road. It provides evidence of what happened in a collision and can significantly reduce liability costs.

Fewer Insurance Claims and Lower Premiums
Video footage can help fleets and insurers decide whether to contest or settle a claim. Insurance companies often give discounts on premiums if companies have fleet dash cameras installed in their vehicles.

Accident Prevention and Safer Driving
Fleet dash camera systems can help drivers correct dangerous driving habits and avoid accidents. In-vehicle cameras often lead to more careful driving, as drivers are more aware that there will be evidence in case an accident occurs.

Increased Safety and Lower Claims  

  • Recordings can protect against fraudulent claims and help avoid overpaying on 50/50 insurance claims.
  • Fleet dash cameras equipped with AI technology can alert drivers to risky driving behaviours and prevent accidents and claims.

Clear Insight into Critical Events  

  • Footage from fleet dash cameras with GPS and other driving data can provide a complete picture of the fleet.
  • Live streaming enables immediate action when an incident occurs.

Enhanced Fleet Efficiency  

  • Verify the validity and accuracy of claims with clear video evidence.
  • Improved driving behaviour leads to reduced vehicle damage, incidents, and downtime.

Safety is the primary principle of fleet efficiency. A fleet dash camera supports safety with footage that can help drivers improve their performance behind the wheel. Safer driving leads to a lower likelihood of accidents and downtime. Since it provides video evidence, a fleet dash cam from Fleetdata can help reduce false claims and insurance premiums.

Most accidents, approximately 90%, occur due to human error, particularly distractions. Dashcams use artificial intelligence to detect distractions such as texting or smoking. The dashcam then notifies drivers with audio-visual alerts, empowering them to adjust their driving behaviour in real-time.

Achieve ROI in under a year with Fleetdata

Are you looking for a way to improve visibility into critical events, enhance driver safety, and reduce insurance claims? Book a demo today and discover in just six to nine months your system could have paid for itself. Find out how Fleetdata’s camera system can help safeguard your fleet, contact us by phoning 00000 000000 or fill out our enquiry form to get started.

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