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  • Is there any promotional codes active on the online store at the moment?

    Try using the coupon code ‘FLEETPOST’ for free shipping ;)

  • Is there a minimum order quantity?

    There is no minimum order limit. We can dispatch a single Walk Around Check Book should you need one.

  • When should I expect delivery of my order?

    We dispatch orders as soon as possible. The majority of orders are delivered to customers in Ireland within 1 – 2 working days. Deliveries to the UK are normally within 2-3 working days.

  • I’m a Driver – can I download my own Driver Card independently from the company I work for?

    Yes. There are many situations where a driver may wish to download their own Driver Card independently from the company they are employed by. Driver Cards can be downloaded as often as the driver wishes -downloading the Driver Card will not erase the information that is held on the card.

    If a driver is looking for a download tool that will only provide the capability to download their card we would recommend the Digidown Plus. You can see more info on the Digidown Plus here.

  • Is there Tachograph Analysis software available without signing up for licence fees / renewal fees every year?

    Yes. One such software is called TachoSafe Lite and it comes built into the Tacho2Safe Download Tool. This All-in-One package enables you to download an unlimited number of driver cards and vehicle tachographs. You can then use the Tacho2Safe Lite software to view the downloaded files, check driving times etc., and print out Driver Infringement Letters which will contain any breaches on the Driving Time Directive. There are no renewal fees for using this software – it is a once off purchase. You can see more info and order the Tacho2Safe Download Tool & Analysis Software by clicking here: TachoSafe

  • I am an Agency Driver, is there a download tool I can use to check my hours?

    Yes, we would recommend the Tacho2Safe. This download tool will allow you to download you card without having to be in a vehicle with access to a Tachograph. You can then use the Tacho2Safe Tachograph Analysis Software to check your hours. The Tacho2Safe can display a breakdown of your working week. It can also analyse the information recorded onto the Driver Card and produce Driver Infringement Letters.

    You can see more about the Tacho2Safe here

  • We received a letter from the RSA about a forthcoming inspection, what should we do?

    A Firstly, don’t panic. RSA inspections are very common. Your letter would have outlined a date and time they intend on carrying out the inspection. Do your best to be available for the inspection. However, if you are unavailable contact the RSA inspector as early as possible to rearrange the inspection. The letter would also outline specific documentation required for the inspection. Documentation such as:
    a. List of all drivers & a copy of driving licences
    b. Registration numbers of vehicles operated
    c. Tachograph Calibration Certificates for each vehicle
    d. Analogue Tachograph records in chronological order over a set time period
    e. Digital Tachograph Data for each Driver Card and Vehicle
    If you do have an inspection coming up and would like to discuss in confidence call us on 01 400 9000

  • What is ‘Locking-out’?

    A Locking-out is a feature on the Digital Tachographs which prevents others from seeing the vehicles driving information. Each time the Company Card is removed from the Tachograph it will prompt you to ‘Lock-out’. While the vehicle is still in use by the company the ‘No’ option should always be selected. Once the vehicle is sold/removed from service the ‘Yes’ option should be selected. This will ensure that competitors do not gain access to the data on the tachograph for the period the company card was ‘locked in’.

  • What is ‘Locking-in’?

    A When a Company Card is inserted into the Digital Tachograph for the first time it will prompt you to ‘Lock-in’. By selecting the ‘YES’ option all the data subsequently recorded will be protected and not available to anyone else can download your driving data.

  • Can I drive a vehicle on my Company Card?

    A No. Company Cards do not store any driving data. They are only used to allow you access the data stored on the digital tachograph.

  • Where can I apply for a Company Card?

    A A Company Card can be applied for online or by post. The fee for applying online through the RSA website is €45.

    The fee for applying by post is €60. To apply online for your company card click here.

    Or to download the form to fill out and post to the RSA click here.

  • What is needed to download a Digital Tachograph?

    A Downloading a Digital Tachograph is an easy process. Firstly you insert a Company Card into slot 1 of the Tachograph. Once the Tachograph has finished reading your company card you can then connect the download tool such as the DigiDown Plus and download either the entire Tachograph or just the period of information since the previous download.

  • How often must Vehicles be downloaded?

    A Digital Tachographs (also known as the Vehicle Unit) must be downloaded at least every 90 days

  • If I drive an analogue vehicle do I need to hold a Digital Tachograph Driver Card?

    A Yes. An enforcement officer may request your Driver Card during a roadside inspection. Once the card is downloaded he/she should see no activities recorded corresponding to the analogue charts you are carrying. Also, if a driver does not hold a Driver Card they may not drive a vehicle fitted with a digital tachograph. Should a vehicle fitted with an analogue tachograph breakdown and replacement vehicle is hired fitted with a digital tachograph a driver may not drive the vehicle.

  • How many Analogue Charts should I carry?

    A A Driver must carry enough charts for the previous 28 calendar days.

  • Do I need to carry tachograph printer rolls in the vehicle?

    A Yes. Each vehicle must carry a minimum of three rolls of tachograph paper in the vehicle. This is to ensure that drivers have adequate paper should they be requested to perform printouts by an enforcement officer. If there is a breakdown in the equipment drivers will need to record their activities through manual entries on the reverse side of the tachograph paper. To order tachograph rolls from our online store click here.

  • How do I change paper rolls in a Digital Tachograph?

    A Watch our tutorial video below:

  • How often must I carry out the Daily Driver Walk Around Check?

    A The Daily Driver Walk Around Check must be carried out every day before the start of the first journey. It is the legal responsibility of the driver to perform this check. Checks can be documented in booklets such as the Fleet DATA Daily Driver Walk Around Check. These can be purchased through our online shop. Discounts apply to bulk orders.

    To order yours today, click here.

  • How long is my Driver Card valid for?

    A Tachograph Driver Cards are valid for a period of 5 years. A driver can only hold one Driver Card in that period.

  • How can I download my Driver Card?

    A The easiest way to download your Driver Card is with a Download Tool such as the DigiDown Plus. This easy-to-use download tool stores your downloaded files on removable memory card. Watch our tutorial video below to see how easy the DigiDown plus is to use.

  • How can I apply for a Digital Tachograph Driver Card?

    A There are three options for applying for your Driver Card.
    a. Apply online – click here
    b. Apply by post by downloading the form – click here
    c. Apply in person

  • How often should I download my Driver Card?

    A In Ireland the Driver Card must be downloaded at least every 21 days. In the Uk the Driver Card must be downloaded at least every 28 days. However, we recommend downloading the Driver Card every 14 days or even weekly if possible. Getting into a routine of downloading regularly will ensure drivers never miss a download.


  • Rinne Fleet Data obair do mo chomhlucht I leith tacagraif. Chuir Fleet Data eolas ar duinn I leith conas anailísí agus tuairiscí a dheanamh chun go mbeidh muid ag comhlíonadh reachtaíocht na dtacagraif.

    PJ Folan

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  • FleetDATA were able to advise us on all we needed. Their easy-to-use software manages our Driver’s Hours and gives us great piece of mind. Our drivers underwent the FleetDATA Tachograph Training program and now fully understand their duties and responsibilities which make managing our tachograph data much easier. The seven day product support offered by Fleet DATA is superb – They are only a phone call away to answer any queries we may have, however small.

    Michael Hunt

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  • Once FleetDATA deployed their tachograph analysis system we could instantly monitor our compliance with the Driving Time and Working Time Directive. Coupled with Driver Training and excellent ongoing support FleetDATA help us stay compliant.

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